Project Portfolio 1970-1980





Images of Residential and Commercial projects (some built and some not-built (P)) involving Bruce Alan Boomer / BAB Architecture as consultant, employee, or in association with other professional firms.













1970   Student Projects,

           Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas




1970   Historic Preservation,

           Fort Riley, Kansas, Facilities Engineering




1971   Commercial,

           Denver, Colorado, Roark Architects




1971   Residential,

           Windsor, Colorado, Roark Architects




1972   Residential and Commercial,

           Denver and Environs, Colorado, Roark Architects




1972   Residential,

           Vail, Colorado, Engelke Architects




1973   Residential,

           Vail, Colorado, Engelke Architects




1974   Governmental,

           Littleton, Colorado, Frank & Lundquist Architects




1974   Commercial, (P)

           Denver, Colorado, McMichael Architects




1974   Commercial, Historic Preservation,

           Denver, Colorado, Adams Architects




1974   Commercial, 

           Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Sullivan Architects




1974   Residential,  

           Westcliffe, Colorado, Moorhead Architects




1974   Residential, (P)

           Twin Lakes, Colorado, Quinn Associates




1975   Commercial,

           Glendale, Colorado




1975   Residential, (P)

           San Luis Valley, Mineral Hot Springs, Colorado




1976   Residential, Addition,

           Aurora, Colorado

1976   Commercial,

           Glendale, Colorado, SLS Environetics




1976   Residential,

           Maui, Hawaii, Michael D. Kephart, Architect




1977   Residential, Genesee Park,

           Evergreen, Colorado




1977   Commercial,

           Glendale, Colorado




1977   Recreational,

           Littleton, Colorado, Moorhead Architects




1977   Residential, (P)

           Dillon, Colorado, McMichael Architects




1978   Residential,The Pinery,

           Parker, Colorado




1978   Residential, (P)

           Soda Creek, Evergreen, Colorado




1978   Residential,

           Soda Creek, Evergreen, Colorado




1978   Residential, The Pinery, (P)

           Parker, Colorado




1978   Commercial, (P)

           Glendale, Colorado




1978   Religious, Church Addition, (P)

           Aurora, Colorado




1979   Residential, The Pinery,

           Parker, Colorado




1979   Residential, (P)

           Roxborough Park, Colorado