BAB Architecture



Architect Resume 2012-2023: Updated 2023


Professional Affiliations

2012-2023  AIA, American Institute of Architects, Member,

                    AIA Emeritus 2012.

                    AIA, Grand Canyon Chapter, Member, 2012.

                    AIA, Grand Canyon Chapter, Secretary, 2014. 


Professional Continuing Education

2012-2023   Architect License, NCARB and AIA, Certified

                     Licensure and Membership Continuing

                     Education Programs/Examinations/Seminars.


Professional Volunteer/Community Service

2013-2023   CAFMA.  Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority,                             Fire Board of Appeals, Volunteer Member. 2013.



Client Resume 2012-2023: Updated 2023 (As Consultant)


2012-2012   BAB Architecture: Bruce Alan Boomer, AIA, NCARB,

                    Westminster, CO, Project Architect.


2012-2012   DCF Architecture: David C. Forman, Architect,

                    Arvada, CO, Project Architect.


2012-2012   Paramount Engineering: Paul F. Dalton, PE,

                    Lakewood, CO, Project Architect.


2012-2023   BAB Architecture: Bruce Alan Boomer, AIA, NCARB,

                    Prescott, AZ, Project Architect.


2013-2014    W. Alan Kenson & Associates: Alan Kenson,      

                      Architect, AIA, Prescott, AZ. Project Architect.    



2012-2023   J. Mark Milan, Architect: Mark Milan, NCARB,

                     Lakewood, CO, Project Architect. Consultant.


2012-2020   Entasis Group, Architects: Brian Ojala, AIA, NCARB,

                     Westminster, CO, Project Architect. Consultant.  


2016-2020    Catalyst Architecture,LLC: Matthew B Ackerman,      

                      Architect, AIA, Prescott, AZ. Project Architect.    






Project Resume  2012-2023: Updated 2023

                       (In association with other firms as Consultant)


Commercial   Norwest Bank Center, Tenant Finish Retail,

                         Denver/Glendale, CO

                       Apaloosa Grill, Tenant Finish, Denver, CO (P)

                       Prescott Honda, Tenant Finish, Prescott, AZ

                       Runners High, Tenant Finish, Golden, CO

                       BSC Signs, Tenant Finish, Broomfield, CO

                       Truta Properties, Office Remodel,                                                         Lakewood, CO

                       Day Care Center, Tenant Finish,

                         Evans, CO 

                       16 Market Square, Tenant Finish, Denver, CO

                        The Shade Store, Tenant Finish, Denver, CO

                        Ad Light & Sign, Tenant Finish, Denver, CO

                        Urban Box II, Westminster, CO

                        CSB&T, Site Upgrades, Parker, CO

                        Theater, Exterior Storage Addition,

                          Tusayan, AZ

                        Construction Company, Site Redevelopment,

                          Denver, CO (P)

                        Brewing Company, Tenant Finish,

                          Littleton, CO

                        Publishing Company, Dock Addition,

                          Englewood, CO

                        Office Complex, Westminster, CO

                        General Contractor, Tenant Finish, Denver, CO

                        Meadery, Yavapai County, AZ

                        Restaurant, Trellis Addition, Valle, AZ

                        Food Processing Laboratory, Tenant Finish,                                        Englewood, CO

                        Transportation Center, Lobby Tenant Finish,

                           Englewood, CO



Educational     Washington Park Learning Center, Int Remodel,

                          Denver, CO

                        Front Range Academy, Interior Remodel,

                          Westminster, CO

                        Mohave Comm College, Jury, Ind Arts Building,

                          Lake Havasu City, AZ


Govenmental   Fire Station, Restrooms Remodel,

                          Sterling, CO (P)

                        City Hall, Offices Remodel,

                          Sterling, CO (P)     


Industrial          Urban Box I, RV Storage,

                          Golden, CO

                         Urban Box II, RV Storage,

                          Golden, CO


Religious          Catholic Church, Addition,

                           Denver, CO (P)


Residential       Custom Residences, Denver, CO

                         Apartments, Interior Remodeling,

                           Prescott, AZ

                         Custom Residence, in Hassayampa,

                           Prescott, AZ (P)

                         Existing Residence, in Hassayampa,

                           Exterior Design Enhancements,

                           Prescott, AZ

                         Existing Residence, in The Ranch,

                           Interior Design Enhancements,

                           Prescott, AZ

                         House, Assisted Living,

                            Commerce City, CO

                         Pine Lakes Residences, Additions,

                           Prescott, AZ (P)

                         Custom Residence, 

                           Douglas County, CO (P)

                         Condominiums, Exterior Renovations,

                           Denver, CO (P)

                         Condominiums, Soffit Renovations,

                            Denver, CO

                          Assisted Living Residence,

                            Northglenn, CO

                          Speculative Residence, Facade Design,

                            Rose Cliff, Prescott, AZ (P)

                          Existing Residence, Deck Addition,

                            Golden, CO

                          Group Home, Remodel,

                            Centennial, CO (P)

                          Residence, Deck Addition, Broomfield, CO

                          Residence, Groom Creek, AZ (P)   

                          Residence, Mountain Club, Prescott, AZ (P)

                          Residence, Forest Trails, Prescott, AZ (P)

                          Residence, Quail Hollow, Prescott, AZ (P)


Professional Associations

                          American Institute of Architects;


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1965-2022: Location of Projects

(some built and some not built) while as employee, consultant, or Architect.



Architects who would be recommended in the Prescott and Flagstaff areas:


  Matthew B. Ackerman, Architect, AIA: 928-925-4438



Architects who would be recommended in the Denver, Colorado area:



  J. Mark Milan, Architect: 720-499-9829



  David C. Forman, Architect: 303-210-3389



  Brian A. Ojala, Architect, AIA: 303-420-7242




Engineers who would be recommended in the Denver, Colorado area:



  Paramount Engineering, Paul F. Dalton, PE: 303-202-6475




Interior Architects who would be recommended in the Denver, Colorado area: 



  Keiding Architects, Tia Jenkins, Architect: 303-399-9100